HerdCon & Updates

HerdCon & Updates

HerdCon & Updates

Updates here have been sparse, but there's been a great deal going on behind the scenes! 

For starters, we've started a newsletter via SubStack! The current goal is to have a monthly newsletter to show off the monthly new-arrivals of 3D prints, give announcements or updates on book progress, give some sale codes (like the 10% off code for signing up!), and to share news about convention appearances.

Speaking of, that brings us to the second point: we've added more conventions to the Events page! We've gotten offers to attend a few and have worked out the details, are working on details to return to a few others, and have submitted applications to some new-to-us events. Keep an eye on that page for updates, and if you would like us to appear at a convention near you, send us some details!

Finally, printing is seriously business! Every artist I've been working with has been hard at work making designs, and we've been WAY behind on getting them all printed for new inventory. When you also consider the minis inspired by popular franchises that are getting the spotlight due to sequels, new series, or just getting love, there's plenty to be done!

We're doing our best to get as many printed up before HerdCon next week, and we're also getting everything compiled to be on the site here.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to getting more materials and services out to you soon!

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