GhastBashers RPG Rulebook

GhastBashers RPG Rulebook

GhastBashers RPG Rulebook
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When you are harangued by ghouls, revenants, spectres, trolls, and werewolves, who can you turn to? The GhastBashers will cover all of your supernatural needs!

The Pitch

GhastBashers is a narrative-focused, d12-powered, rules-light tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) in which players take the role of paranatural hunting individuals in a world that had almost forgotten about them.

Borrowing inspiration from franchises like Ghostbusters, websites like SCP, and adding a dash of the Cthulhu Mythos (such as Delta Green), GhastBashers lets you custom tailor your flavors of horror and comedy in one package.

Using a d12-only system with three stats and nine skills, getting into GhastBashers will take little time but lots of imagination.

What You Get

GhastBashers is printed as a B&W, softcover rulebook in zine/"adventurer" size (approximately 5"x8") at 116 pages in length. Within it, you will find:

  • The rules to create the GhastBasher that's right for you!
  • The necessary information to make your GhastBasher Franchise. Are you a member of the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, an old guard GhastBasher, or are you one of the Sellouts that works for conglomerate like Ghas-Tech?
  • A d12-only, roll-low, dicepool mechanic!
  • The setting of GhastBashers, and how it's different from our world!
  • Tips and tools for creating your own horror or comedy horror games!
  • A sampling of beasts to bash!

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