Dualities RPG Rulebook

Dualities RPG Rulebook

Dualities RPG Rulebook
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Not all heroes wear capes. Some don suits of technomagical armor, change into magical school uniforms, shift into an animal form, or turn into a multi-story tall organic robot.

Dualities is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) designed to tell your story of heroes with one (or more!) alternate forms and the adventures they embark upon.  Using a card-based system with a narrative focus, this game is built to let you get into the action and storytelling quickly, while allowing the flexibility needed for characters capable of taking on multiple forms.

Inspired by works such as Bloody Roar, Kamen Rider, and many other franchises, this 24-page book will cover everything you need to jump in and start telling your own stories.

From a design perspective, I wanted Dualities to be a game you can walk into your local dollar store (or equivalent) with $5 and leave with:

  • Playing/Tarot cards (randomizer)
  • Index Cards (for character sheets)
  • Pencils (for writing on said sheets)
  • A snack and/or drink

24 pages; softcover; B&W printing

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