/Data:Drivers RPG Rulebook

/Data:Drivers RPG Rulebook

/Data:Drivers RPG Rulebook
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Have you ever wondered what was happening in your hard drive? Has a file just suddenly disappeared without warning, or an entire folder gotten corrupted?

Instead of wondering, make it an adventure!

/DATA:DRIVERS is a short, zine-sized tabletop RPG where you take the role of programs or files within a hard drive "City," going on adventures to save your home from corruption, viruses, or the errant game.

Inspired by TV series ReBoot and movies including the Tron franchise, enter this virtual world where anything goes!

Using the Binary System, you can use coins or any even-sided dice you have to determine if you succeed at saving the sector or will be thrown into a recycling bin!

24 pages, softcover, color print. 

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